The development of the RWG terminal is for some parts co-financed through TEN-T subsidy of the European Union. TEN-T stands for Trans-European Transport Network. By means of the TEN-T programme, the EU strives to improve the European transport network in a sustainable way and thereby stimulate the European economy. 

The TEN-T subsidy is applied by RWG for the funding of equipment that is being used to handle containers for the hinterland modalities rail and barge with maximum efficiency. 

Through this equipment, a dedicated handling is realized for barge and rail operators. Furthermore, dedicated stacking area is created to store containers that are being transported to the hinterland by inland waterways. In this way, the storage and handling of containers can be performed with maximum efficiency. By doing so, RWG wants to stimulate sustainable transhipment of containers from and to the hinterland through rail and water. 

For more details on the TEN-T programme see http://tentea.ec.europa.eu/ and on the RWG project see http://inea.ec.europa.eu/en/ten-t/ten-t_projects