A lot can be said about the highly advanced and highly automated RWG container terminal. The most interesting facts and figures are listed below, from the total investment costs of the terminal to the length of the deep sea quay.

terrein diepzeekade feederkade railterminal transport truckafhandeling opslag

Deepsea quay

Water depth 20 meter
Length 1.150 meter
Number of Deepsea quay cranes 11


Water depth 11 meter
Length 550 meter
Number of quay cranes 3


Number of Railcranes 2
Number of tracks 6
Length tracks 750 meter


Automatic guided vehicles 59

Truck handling

Truck handling positions 105
Automatic truck handling


Automatic stacking cranes 50


Area108 hectares
Total capacity2,350,000 TEU/year 
InvestmentApproximately € 700 million
Number of employees200