Maiden call MOL Triumph

On Friday afternoon May 19th 2017, the MOL Triumph made her maiden call at RWG. The MOL Triumph is 400 meters long, 58 meters wide and has a capacity of 20.170 TEU. As such, it is the first vessel with a capacity of over 20.000 TEU to call on the port of Rotterdam. To welcome this vessel was not only an important milestone for RWG but also for Rotterdam in general. It marks a new era in container handling in the port of Rotterdam.

With a water depth of twenty meters at the deep sea quay and the largest cranes in its kind, this type of vessel can smoothly berth and be handled efficiently at RWG. The RWG terminal is with its dedicated handling of all modalities designed to handle containers that are being loaded and discharged from these large vessels, in a fast, safe, sustainable and reliable way. RWG is very proud to have welcomed the MOL Triumph.