First RWG Quay Cranes reach their destination

On Monday, 25 November, the first Deep Sea Quay Cranes of Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) will arrive. This will mark another milestone in the creation of the highly automated container terminal on Maasvlakte 2, which will open in late 2014.

The DeepSea Quay Cranes, built and transported by Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC), may dock at RWG in the morning, depending on the weather and tides. These giants, 127.5 metres in height, will complete a journey of nearly two months from Shanghai to Rotterdam. The arrival of these cranes will bring RWG one step closer to the creation of one of the safest, most sustainable and innovative terminals in the world.

RWG will use the 'Super Post-Panamax' cranes on a 1,150m-long deep sea quay. These cranes were specially developed to handle the latest generation of Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCSs). They have a reachof 24-container-rows wide, and are fitted with a 'double trolley' system. This system makes it possible to discharge a container from a ship onto an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) in two steps. The AGV then transports the container to a temporary stacking area on the terminal in a fully automated manner. The same process is performed in reverse to load container ships.

In addition to the two DeepSea Quay Cranes, the ship arriving at RWG on Monday is also delivering two Barge/Feeder Quay Cranes. These cranes will be used on the 550m-long barge/feeder quay. All RWG Quay Cranes are fully electric and remote-controlled – an innovation never before applied on such a scale. The container loading and discharging process is monitored and guided by process operators from the control room at the terminal.

RWG will go live in October 2014. By then, the terminal will be equipped with eleven DeepSea Quay Cranes and three Barge/Feeder Quay Cranes. The remaining cranes will be delivered over the coming months. By the end of April 2014, all cranes are expected to be on the RWG terminal and ready for fast, efficient and reliable container ship handling.

According to RWG Project Director Frank Keizer, this day will mark a special milestone for the organisation. “Once these cranes arrive, every type of equipment will be present on the terminal. The construction of the Automated Stacking Cranes is in full gear, and over 25 AGVs have already arrived at the terminal. We are expecting to commence testing shortly,” adds Keizer. Ronald Lugthart, Managing Director, also notes: “The RWG container terminal, the most advanced of its kind, is really starting to take shape. I'm looking forward to the day when we can start testing all of the individual components on the terminal in conjunction.”