What RWG has to offer

RWG is all about transparency, innovation and working on an adventure together. RWG is a young, innovative company that sets new standards in the field of container handling and transhipment.

At RWG, you are a part of one of the most efficient, sustainable and innovative container terminals in the world. You have the opportunity to grow and to play a meaningful part in our organisation. And with that consequently in the port of Rotterdam, the Dutch economy and international trade. The RWG terminal is one of the leading global hubs in the world, an inspiring example for other countries and businesses.


RWG is serious about safety. To RWG, safety means incorporating all possible safety measures, thorough staff training and implementing a fail-safe design. This entails that a system failure can never result in an unsafe situation. Furthermore, RWG has strict procedures and instructions. And because of the high grade of automation, the operational process is almost fully separated from human presence. This approach keeps all potential risks to an absolute minimum.

Personal development

Besides compensation and benefits which are in line with the market, RWG offers you opportunities for personal development. RWG provides targeted training programmes for learning to work with cutting-edge technologies. During a thorough training period, you will learn the ins and outs of the terminal. This is mostly achieved through on the job training. RWG will provide you with plenty of time to make your job your own and you are encouraged to contribute to ideas for your own development.

RWG invests in its employees. At RWG, development is very important. Consequently, RWG offers its employees possibilities to grow wihtin the company. In case of a job opening, RWG first searches for potentials internally. In this way, RWG is able to make full use of the in-house talent.

Unique experience

Finally, RWG offers you a unique experience. Working on the new container terminal on Maasvlakte 2 is a powerful feeling. The imposing new land on the sea, combined with the grandeur and dynamism of modern international shipping.