The heart of RWG

RWG has three departments which comprise the heart of the container terminal. Engineering is responsible for the equipment and the civil works at the terminal. Operations handles proper planning and control of the operational terminal process. Finally, IT ensures harmonisation of all automated systems. 


Engineering is responsible for optimal availability and use of equipment and the civil works at the terminal. This department performs the maintenance on the Quay Cranes, the Automated Stacking Cranes, the translifters and all other equipment. Acquisition, development and the installation of equipment are other tasks handled in this department.


Operations is responsible for all operational activities at the terminal. The operational process starts with the clients order and information processing, followed by resource scheduling, such as the Quay Cranes, Automated Stacking Cranes and personnel. During execution, the operational process is controlled, including the loading and discharging of ships, trains and trucks. Completion of the operational process occurs through reporting to clients and internal parties.


IT combines various critical software solutions into a single functional system so the terminal, including the cranes and vehicles, can operate almost fully automatically. This department keeps all of the IT systems up and running with a small team of specialists. Additionally, IT implements systems and improvements and performs preventive maintenance. The department has a broad scope : everything in the range of standard office applications and video surveillance, to access control and highly advanced terminal automation.