Importance of RWG

As a leading terminal, RWG is of international importance for the container industry. RWG made a great contribution to Rotterdam’s capacity of handling the latest generation of container ships quickly and efficiently. RWG is an essential part of the strong position of Rotterdam as Europe’s major transit port.

Maasvlakte 2

The Second Maasvlakte is located directly on the North Sea, more than 40 kilometres west of Rotterdam. This expansion of the port of Rotterdam is a top European location for port activities and industries. In 2012, the foundation was laid for the world's most advanced container terminal: RWG.   

Maasvlakte-2 Maasvlakte 2 Maasvlakte 2

Maasvlakte 1

Maasvlakte 2

Maasvlakte 2

Industrial Sites 1.000 hectare
Infrastructure 290 hectare
Seawall 230 hectare
Waterways and ports 510 hectare

Largest port in Europe

As a global hub, Rotterdam is Europe’s most important seaport. Its total cargo transhipment of about 460 million tons makes Rotterdam the largest port in Europe by far and one of the most important in the world. The realization of Maasvlakte 2 will allow a doubling of the capacity for container transhipment in Rotterdam. This is of great economical importance.

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