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We are Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), the world's most modern and innovative container terminal. Internationally, our container handling has taken on a new meaning.


RWG offers its customers 24/7 safe, reliable, sustainable and efficient container handling in Rotterdam, the main transit port of Europe. 


RWG is a leader in terms of safety and sustainability and we strive for continuous optimisation of reliable and efficient handling of containers. We do all we can to maintain our strong position as a global hub. We will innovate and grow wherever possible.


  • Safety
    Safety is an integral part of all aspects of our terminal and operations: safety of staff and visitors, containers and cargo, and our processes and systems. Our extensive degree of automation and the separation between people and operational processes, will keep risks to an absolute minimum.
  • Reliable
    Reliable container handling requires transparent communication with our customers. Our RWGServices website and application provides an insight into real-time operational data such as handling times and terminal and container status, to all market parties and at all times. In this way we can optimize the operational and logistical efficiency for all parties involved.
  • Sustainable
    Today's investments must never be at the expense of tomorrow's quality of life. Therefore people and the environment are at the centre stage. Our extensive electrification and automation have contributed to the fact that RWG is a CO2-neutral company. And together with our employees we work towards a better society by supporting charities and good initiatives.
  • Efficient
    RWG’s strategy focuses on the anticipation of changing markets and the needs of all parties involved. The improvement of our processes and technologies requires continuous innovations. Through innovations RWG lives up to its leading position as a global terminal: safe, reliable, sustainable and technologically the most advanced of its kind. Now and in the future.

RWG is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity, and expects all staff to act in accordance with its Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure. RWG has a Whistleblowing Hotline for its employees and all stakeholders of RWG to raise concerns regarding any wrongdoing they observe.