Seamless access

Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) provides container storage and transhipment with maximum efficiency. Seamless access to Europe: seamless transit of containers from all over the world to consumers and businesses in Europe. And vice versa.


In 2030, RWG will be the container logistics complex for global shipping lines. The RWG container terminal is a leading organisation in the areas of safety and sustainability and is known for efficient and reliable container handling. In 2030, the port of Rotterdam will be Europe's leading seaport and industrial complex, a powerful combination of ‘global hub’ and European industrial cluster.

Mission Statement

RWG maintains a safe, reliable, sustainable and competitive container terminal for its customers in Europe's leading transit port.


  • Safety
    RWG is serious about safety. To RWG, safety means a fail-safe design, incorporating all possible measures and targeted staff training. This keeps risks to an absolute minimum.
  • Reliability
    At RWG our word is our bond. Without crossing the line and losing our flexibility, RWG reacts swiftly to changes in a particular situation. If unexpected issues arise, we stay in touch with our stakeholders and continuously work towards solutions via a constructive dialogue.
  • Sustainability
    In the area of sustainability and the environment, RWG is at the top of its class. RWG’s operations policy meets the strict requirements of the Rotterdam Port Authority, and the vision of RWG is not merely focused on financial aspects. After all, today's investments should never come at the expense of tomorrow's quality of life.
  • Competitiveness
    RWG constantly anticipates changes in the markets and interests of the stakeholders. RWG's innovative power enables this organisation to create a global terminal that is the most efficient, reliable, sustainable, and technically advanced of its kind; both now and in the future.

RWG is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity, and expects all staff to act in accordance with its Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure. RWG has a Whistleblowing Hotline for its employees and all stakeholders of RWG to raise concerns regarding any wrongdoing they observe.